Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that you may have some questions related to our website, so we have listed the most common that we have been asked over the years. If your question has not been included please
Contact Us.

What does being a customer of I.E.S. entitle me to?

IES have been providing a service to schools and libraries since 1974. As a customer of IES you will be entitled to:

Best Discounts
Best Service
Best Quality
Best Advice

Can I get advice for setting up my library?

Yes - please visit our 'Library Planning' page within the 'Company Info' menu.

Does IES service books for libraries?

Yes it does, including a laminating service. Please contact us for details.

Can I make credit card payments on the IES site?

No. IES only deal with account customers.

I have changed my email address; what should I do?

Please update the 'email address' box in the 'Your Account' area.This is very important otherwise you will not be able to receive any order or quote confirmation emails from us.

I have placed an order but not received a confirmation email. Why is this?

You may wish to check that the email address stored in 'Your Account' is up to date. If it isn't, please update it accordingly. In this instance, you can view your order and print it if required from the Orders area within Your Accounts.

If your email address was correct at the time of ordering please check your email SPAM folder as it is possible the email could be there. If it is, we recommend for you to look online for instructions on how to set up your email so that emails from IES do not go into SPAM.

If the email stored with us is correct and it is not in your SPAM folder please contact us. Don't forget that you can view the order and print it if required from the Orders area within Your Accounts.

When I try to search for books, no search results are returned. Why is this?

If this occurs then it is possible that our data provider is experiencing a problem. We would be grateful if you could inform us by phone or email and we apologise for the inconvenience in advance.

Is it possible to obtain a quote for an order before actually placing the order?

Yes. Our new website offers this feature. During the shopping process you have the option to Order or Obtain A Quote. Quotes come through via email to the email address that is stored on your account. Quotes last for two weeks. During this time you can 'Order' a quote by accessing the 'Your Quotes' area our website which resides within 'Your Account'.