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Bluey: The Official Bluey Annual 2024


Bing Annual 2024 (Bing)

HarperCollins Children's Books

The Definitive Guide to Fortnite: 2024

Fortnite has been going strong as one of the gaming industry's most popular and successful titles since it burst onto the scene in 2017. We're on Chapter 3 now, and trust us, this is not a "reinvention in hopes of keeping things fresh" - this is giving more of a Pokémon consistently evolving into a stronger, more powerful form. Yeah, Fortnite isn't going anywhere anytime soon. That's where we come in: perfect for both newbies and vets alike, The Definitive Guide to Fortnite 2024 covers core mechanics and new gameplay flairs to earn you your victory crown, regardless of how far into your Battle Royale journey you are.

The Official Match! Football Skills Annual: 2024

The Official MATCH! Football Skills Annual counts down the top 50 tricksters on the planet, with profiles on every baller and their elite attributes gauged on our super accurate stat scale! The fun doesn't stop there, though - we also have exclusive interviews with world-famous freestylers and YouTubers to help you become just like them, plus awesome tutorials on how to master loads of jaw-dropping tricks to impress your mates! Test yourself with our mind-boggling quizzes, learn the moves on FIFA via our step-by-step guides and find out who we rate as the women's top ballers, too! From the makers of MATCH Magazine, Football Skills 2024 is a must-read for all football lovers.

The Ultimate Guide to the Premier League: 2024

The Ultimate Guide to the Premier League 2024 is the must-read book to make you an expert on the world's most glamorous and exciting league. Featuring every team and star in the Premier League, we dive into the players and managers who shone each month and re-live the race for the title. Track the rising and falling fortunes of your favourite clubs and become an expert on which players can be relied upon to deliver the action game after game. With so many top players to choose from, we dissect the Team of the Year, the new names to look out for and which squads need more time on the training ground. Prepare to be amazed with the Premier League records you never knew and brush up on your knowledge of the classic clashes between the league's heavyweights. With plenty of challenging premier puzzles to tackle, even the most ardent Premier League fan will be tested. The Ultimate Guide to the Premier League 2024 is essential reading for all lovers of the beautiful game!

The Official Celtic Annual: 2024


The Definitive Guide to Roblox: 2024

The gaming scene has been dominated by the same few names for the last few years, and while new challengers come along every now and then, it wasn't until 2020 that a contender finally broke through. Roblox has well and truly taken its place among the gaming greats, and it comes bearing endless possibilities. So where do you begin with a platform that's only limit is the extent of your imagination? That's where The Definitive Guide to Roblox 2024 comes in: we've got you covered from surfing game genres, understanding from "ABC" all the way to "XD" (trust us, it'll make sense soon) and even having a go at making your own game.

The Official Newcastle United Annual: 2024