2022 New Non-Fiction Arrivals

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Marcus Rashford: Volume 83

Maria Isabel Sanchez Vegara

Chop, Cook, Yum!: Recipes from the Cool Food School

Deirdre Doyle
Introduction 6 Meet the Kitchen Gang 6 How To Use This Book 7 Stuff You'll Need and How To Use It 8 Staying Safe in the Kitchen 10 Top Tips For Cooking 12 Morning Munchies 15 Vanilla Porridge 17 Porridge Cake 19 Easy-peasy Oaty Bread 20 Lazy Porridge 23 Scrummy Scrambled Eggs 24 Bestest Banana Pancakes 27 Gorgeous Granola 28 How Do You Smoothie? 31 Smoothie Planner 32 Chia Seed Jam 34 Eat the Rainbow 36 Tasty Toast Toppers 38 Lunchbox Fillers 39 All About Sandwiches 40 Hummus Ata Tu? 43 Spinach and Cheese Egg Muffin Thingies 44 Totally Tasty Chicken Wrap 47 Waterford Tuna Blaa 48 Snackalicious 49 Bonkers-easy Banana Sushi 51 Fantastic Flapjacks 52 Powered-up Energy Balls 55 Cheesy Broccoli Quesadilla 56 Wanna Pizza My Bagel? 59 Courgette Pizza Bites 60 Dinky Apple Doughnuts 63 Totally Terrific Tomato Toasties 64 Blurry, Flurry, Snacks in a Hurry 67 Cool Cucumber Butterflies 68 Yummy Dinners 69 Cleverest Tomato Sauce 71 Brilliant Bolognese 72 Tasty Tomato Soup 73 Tomato Pinwheels 73 Beans To Make You Go Pop! 74 Awesome Chicken Nuggets 76 Winning Wedges 78 Mighty Meatloaf 81 Bash-it-about Chicken 82 Bottom-of-the-fridge Frittata 84 It's a Pizza Cake! 86 How to Stay Healthy: The Four Pillars of Health 88 The Salmon of Knowledge with Cauliflower Rice 91 Deadly Desserts 93 Greeky Fruity Yoghurt 94 Fruit Surprise 95 Free Food Crumble 96 Don't Make Ice Cream - Make Nice Cream! 98 Big Brain Cheesecake with Wexford Strawberries 101 Banana Boat with Chocolate Peanut Butter Sauce 102 Power Pops 104 Celebration Time 105 St Patrick's Day 106 Pancakes Glas Blasta 107 Paddy's Day Soup 108 Easter 110 Eggcellent Easter Muffins 110 Leftover Easter Egg Cookies 113 Halloween 114 Scary Sweet Potatoes 114 Chocolate Apple Mummies 116 Seasonal Eating 118 Christmas 120 Toy Show Hot Chocolate 120 Christmas Chocolate Bark 122 Index 124

Knowledge Encyclopedia: The World as You've Never Seen it Before


DK Super Readers Level 4 Rocks and Minerals


Usborne Book of the Body and How it Works

Alex Frith


John Lesley


John Lesley


Jane Hinchey
Let's go, Globetrotters! Let’s go, Globetrotters! We’re travelling to Singapore to discover its beautiful cities and futuristic gardens. Meet the Merlion and Singapore’s beautiful jumping spiders! Find out about the people and their culture, learn how to say a few words in the local language, then discover Singapore’s amazing agrotechnology parks. This exciting series takes students around the world, country by country. Inside each book you'll find maps, statistics, fun facts and photographs, as well as current information on the people, culture and landscape of each country.

The Sense of Touch: A First Look

Percy Leed

Be Confident Be You

Becky Goddard-Hill

Dragons & Treasures (Dungeons & Dragons)

Jim Zub
No creature is more fascinating and terrifying to an adventurer than a dragon! This illustrated guide takes a deeper look at the abilities, personalities, and treasure collections of every major dragon type in Dungeons & Dragons. Dragons & Treasures transports new players to the magical world of Dungeons & Dragons and presents a one-of-a-kind course on the unique characteristics, fabled treasures, and wondrous artifacts of the most legendary of creatures: dragons! The book profiles all main dragon classes, and features easy-to-follow and entertaining explanations of how to identify and interact with these legendary beasts during your adventures. Advice, encouragement, and storytelling tips provide strategies for dealing with dragon encounters, hoards of treasure, and draconic artifacts, along with action-packed illustrations that will ignite your imagination. Dragons & Treasures is the perfect way for young fans to learn how to incorporate dragons into their stories, whether as foes, allies, or something in between.

What is philosophy?

Noodle Juice