2023 New Board Book Arrivals

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How Do You Go to Sleep?

Kate McMullan
Follow along as three children learn about the bedtime routines of squirrels, parrots, dolphins, and many more. Meerkats sleep in a stack. Is that how these kids go to sleep? Or do they hibernate in snow all winter long like frogs? Or maybe they sleep the day away like skunks? No, that can't be right! By the book's conclusion, the kids have imitated all kinds of animals who are portrayed sleeping in their natural habitats, thanks to Sydney Hanson's charming illustrations. Readers will recognize the way the human child eventually goes to sleep--with stuffed animals, a bedtime story, and a kiss good night!

Good Night Ice Age

Adam Gamble
Welcome to the land of wooly mammoths and cavemen! Young readers will journey back through time to discover the fascinating creatures that roamed Earth during the Ice Age, including the mastodon, short-faced bear, saber-toothed cat, ground sloth, giant beaver, dire wolf, and dodo bird as well as early human culture and more. This book is part of the bestselling Good Night Our World series, which includes hundreds of titles exploring iconic locations and exciting, child-friendly themes. From mastodons to cavemen, this adorable board book will educate little ones about the Ice Age.

How Do You Take a Bath?

Kate McMullan
Follow elephants, pigs, monkeys, hippos, and more in this charming rhyming picture book from veteran author Kate McMullan. How does a pig take a bath? It sinks in the mud! What about a chicken? It thrashes about in dust! And a cat? Why, it licks itself clean, of course! Sydney Hanson's adorable illustrations toggle neatly between animals in nature grooming themselves and humorous depictions of children attempting the animals' bathing tactics. By the end of the book, the child finally makes his way to the bathtub, no mud baths or lick baths about it!

Very First Words Library: Zoo

Matthew Oldham

Very First Words Library: Under The Sea

Matthew Oldham

Very First Questions and Answers: What is mud?

Katie Daynes

That's Not My Rocket...

Fiona Watt

Animal Atlas

Ingela P. Arrhenius