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The Rising Son

Brian Kirk

A History of the Easter Rising in 50 Objects

John Gibney
For 100 years objects left behind from 1916 have borne silent witness to the events of Easter Week - this book tells their stories and uses them in a unique way to cast light on many of the lesser-known elements of the Rising.

Blood Upon the Rose: Easter 1916: the Rebellion That Set Ireland Free

Gerry Hunt
The Easter 1916 Rising: an unlikely band of freedom fighters - teachers, poets, writers, patriots, trade unionists - declare an Irish Republic. From this dramatic gesture, a nation is born... The rebellion that set Ireland free, told as a graphic novel.

The Easter Rising 1916

Pat Hegarty
This interactive journal tells the story of the 1916 Easter Rising through the eyes of a young Dublin boy.

Thomas MacDonagh - 16 Lives

Shane Kenna
Thomas MacDonagh was drawn into the Irish Republican Brotherhood through his strong conscience and sense of social justice, becoming a member of the Provisional Government and a signatory of the 1916 Easter Proclamation. He was executed on 3 May 1916 in Kilmainham Gaol, Dublin.

Sean MacDiarmada: 16Lives

Brian Feeney
An accessible biography about Sean MacDiarmada, a leader in the 1916 Rising. Book six in the 16 Lives series.

Con Colbert: 16lives

John OCallaghan
A biography of Con Colbert, member of Na Fianna Eireann, the Irish Volunteers and the Irish Republican Brotherhood. Colbert commanded forces at Watkins brewery and Jamesons distillery during the Easter Rising. He faced the firing squad at Kilmainham Gaol on 8 May 1916, aged twenty-seven.

1916 - What the People Saw

Mick OFarrell
Contemporary civilian accounts of life in Dublin during the 1916 Easter Rising show what it was really like on the streets

John MacBride - 16 Lives

Donal Fallon
Biography of John MacBride, husband of Maude Gonne, who was executed as part of the 1916 Rising.

Michael OHanrahan - 16 Lives

Conor Kostick
Biography of Michael OHanrahan, one of the leaders of Irelands 1916 Rising. A journalist, novelist and fierce nationalist, he was quartermaster of the Irish Volunteers, in charge of getting and managing many of the arms used in the rebellion.

Eamonn Ceannt - 16 Lives

Mary Gallagher
Eamonn Ceannt was one of the founding members of the Irish Volunteers. His unit saw intense fighting during the Rising but surrendered when ordered to do so by his superior officer Patrick Pearse. Ceannt was held in Kilmainham Gaol until his execution by firing squad on 8 May 1916, aged 34.

Thomas Clarke: 16Lives

Helen Litton
A fascinating examination of the life of Thomas Clarke, a member of the Fenians and was a key leader of the Irish Republican Brotherhood in 1916.