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The Campaigns of Alexander

Discusses Alexanders violent suppression of the Theban rebellion, his defeat of Persia and campaigns through Egypt and Babylon - establishing new cities and destroying others in his path. This title presents an objective portrait of a man of boundless ambition, who was exposed to the temptations of power.

The Frogs and Other Plays

This collection contains The Wasps, one of Aristophanes earliest plays, The Poet and the Women, a gem of parody and low comedy, and The Frogs, a comic masterpiece written under the shadow of defeat.

The Outsiders

S.E. Hinton
The Socs idea of having a good time is beating up Greasers like Ponyboy. Ponyboy knows what to expect and knows he can count on his brothers and friends - until the night someone takes things too far. This title tells the original teenage rebel story.

Prometheus Bound and Other Plays: The Suppliants; Seven Against Thebes; The Persians

Aeschylus (525-456 BC) brought a new grandeur and epic sweep to the drama of classical Athens, raising it to the status of high art. This translation is accompanied by an introduction, with individual discussions of the plays, and their sources in history and mythology.

Stig of the Dump

Clive King
Stigs nice. Hes my friend. Nobody believes Barney when he says hes discovered a boy living wild in the dump. But for Barney, Stif is totally real. They become great friends, learn each others ways and embark on a series of adventures.

Stig of the Dump

Clive King
Barney is a solitary eight-year-old, given to wandering off by himself. One day he tumbles over, lands in a sort of cave, and meets somebody with shaggy hair wearing a rabbit-skin and speaking in grunts. He names him Stig. They together raid the rubbish dump at the bottom of the pit, improve Stigs cave dwelling, and enjoy a series of adventures.

Under the Eye of the Clock

Christopher Nolan
A powerful and moving autobiography from a gifted writer who has been compared to Joyce and Yeats

The Wave

Morton Rhue
This story is based on an actual incident that occured in a school history class in California - a classroom experiment that went too far. Laurie Saunders and David Collins recognize the frightening momentum of the wave and realize they must stop it before its too late.