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10 Routes That Crossed the World

Gillian Richardson

10 Ships That Rocked the World

Gillian Richardson

50 Below Zero Early Reader

Robert Munsch

Angela's Airplane Early Reader: (Munsch Early Reader)

Robert Munsch

Chasing Bats and Tracking Rats: Urban Ecology, Community Science, and How We Share Our Cities

Cylita Guy
Introduction: Living in the Urban Jungle Talk Like an Urban Ecologist: Key Terms Chapter 1: Chasing Down Big Browns How much do wildlife rely on city green spaces? Cylita Guy tracks bats in Toronto, Canada. Chapter 2: Ratmobile to the Rescue How do animals in cities affect human health? Kaylee Byers studies how rats move around Vancouver, Canada. Chapter 3: Bees and Bug Vacuum Why are cities a good place to study the impact of climate change on bees? Charlotte de Keyzer looks at what bees and the plants they pollinate can tell us about the effects of climate change in cities like Toronto, Canada. Chapter 4: Backyard Bear Buffet What happens when humans and wildlife in cities don't get along? Jesse Popp gets to the bottom of human-bear conflict in Sudbury, Canada. Chapter 5: Bold Coyote, Bashful Coyote How are humans changing animal behavior in cities? Chris Schell studies coyote behavior in Utah and Washington, and looks at how human policies like redlining affect urban biodiversity. Chapter 6: Microplastics, Major Problems How does the pollution we create affect city animals? Rachel Giles wades into Toronto's waterways to discover the impacts of pollution on invertebrates. Chapter 7: Birdwatching Bias What happens when citizen science doesn't tell us the whole story? Deja Perkins asks how human bias can affect what we know about birds in cities like Durham, Chapel Hill, and Raleigh, North Carolina. Chapter 8: A Bike to Beat the Heat Why are greener cities better for people? Carly Ziter pedals around Madison, Wisconsin to track how trees cool cities. Conclusion: But this is only the beginning! Acknowledgments Select Sources Index

Dragging Mason County

Curtis Campbell

Evolution Interrupted: How We Change Nature and How Nature Changes Us

Yolanda Ridge

Four Faces of the Moon

Amanda Strong