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BTS: The Ultimate Fan Book

Malcolm Croft
BTS are much more than just a K-Pop phenomenon, they are a band acclaimed for their record-smashing, barrier-breaking, trend-setting dance-pop and hip-hop tunes and personal philosophies.

Fortnite Ultimate Winners Guide

Kevin Pettman

Mega Machine Record Breakers

Anne Rooney
112 fantastic pages crammed with facts about the worlds biggest, fastest and most powerful vehicles, from speedboats to monster trucks, as well as rocketships, submarines, supertrucks... Mega Machine Record Breakers is bursting with stats and facts, alongside stunning full-page photographs of the most amazing machines on Earth.

Mensa: How to Excel at IQ Tests

How to Excel at IQ Tests is a complete practical course in how to boost your IQ score.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nIt also gives you valuable tips on test strategy (there are plenty of people who get poor scores just because they panic and dont know the basic rules for taking an IQ test).

Mensa: Master Your Mind

Master Your Mind aims to help you exercise your mind using a combination of tests and self-assessments, combined with the practical exercises on reading, number, increasing creativity, decision-making and communication, there is information on how the brain works.

My STEM Day - Engineering

Nancy Dickmann
With the help of dynamic illustrations and fun activities, My STEM Day: Engineering takes you through the day and explains how engineering has a role in everyday tasks, from cooling your food to making your toilet flush.

My STEM Day - Mathematics

Anne Rooney
With the help of dynamic illustrations and fun activities, My STEM Day explains how marvellous maths is right behind a whole host of everyday activities. The pages are filled with unique, fun and original illustrations, not to mention projects and experiments that turns maths from a scary challenge into a playful pastime.

My STEM Day - Science

Anne Rooney
With the help of dynamic illustrations and fun activities, My STEM Day Science takes you through the day and explain how incredible science underpins everything you do. Every page is filled with amazing original illustrations which explain science ideas in a fun and simple way.