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A Reckless Oath

Kaylie Smith
TARGET CONSUMER: For readers of Leigh Bardugo and Holly Black for its expansive fantasy world, swoon-worthy romance, and compelling ensemble cast fans will fall in love with. In this sequel to the spellbinding A Ruinous Fate, more action, romance, and magic abound as Calla and friends must deal with their losses and come to grips with their own part to play in the Fates’ War ahead. After the heart-wrenching death at the end of book 1, Calla and the other witches are sent reeling. Still stuck in the deadly Neverending Forest, the group must decide their next steps as the Fates’ War looms near. Calla, torn between past allegiances and new circumstances, finds herself pushing away the one person who can unlock her future. With the still-beating heart in her hand, Amina is finally able to return to her home in the Land of the Valkyries. But when she finds that everything she left behind has irrevocably changed in the six years she’s been gone, she turns her sights to revenge on the one who banished her all those years ago: the Valkyrie Queen. Meanwhile, everyone’s favorite siren, Delphine, has been dragged down into the depths of the sea, and is imprisoned by the ruthless Siren leader. As past lovers turn into enemies and former foes into allies, Delphine must navigate the dangerous court and her play her part until she’s able to escape and return to the surface. From deep within Siren’s Sea to the skies above the Land of the Valkyries, A Reckless Oath takes readers on a new journey where stunning revelations will have them questioning everything.

A Ruinous Fate

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