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100 Essential Crochet Stitches

Val Pierce

Be Kind

TEEN Breathe
The power of kindness A wonderful world of difference The art of compliments Praise Be New kid on the block Listen up Friends reunited Whose side are you on? Should you forgive? What is prejudice? Stop the squabbling Hate is a big word... Are you seeking revenge...or justice? A thoughtful gift Thanks for everything... Be a climate crusader Going from strength to strength Start believing... By popular demand Your best is enough Sense and sensitivity Liar, liar... How to tame negative thoughts It's okay to cry Don't mind regrets Create a self-care kit Take a breath and look outside 'Well, aren't you the perfect one...' The joys of solitude Look again Better body image

Be Kind: Be Your Best Self Every Day

Editors of Teen Breathe

Christmas Craft Book: 30 fun & festive projects to make with kids

Laura Minter

Forest School Handbook

Naomi Walmsley
Introduction Playing in nature Nature Awareness Mini beast hunting Night vision Muddy tracks Sit spot Stalking walks Flour trail tracker Observation stations Get to know a tree Camouflage hands Outdoor games Outdoor crafts Bird feeder Bug hotel Playing with clay Leaf and flower plaques Natural collage and sculptures Goblin villages and mini dens Nest building Storytelling stones Leaf printing Nature weaving Shadow painting Leaf watercolour Nature journal Leaf bunting Stick boats Things to do with conkers Useful knots Knot terminology Clove hitch Double half hitch Sheet bend Siberian hitch Timber hitch Prusik Square lashing Slippery guy line Canadian jam knot Sledge knot Hanking cord Shelters and dens Lean-to shelter A-frame shelter Baker's tarp Tarp bender Fire Safety Sources of tinder Firewood Lighting a fire with a fire steel Fire lays Making charcoal Making char cloth Carrying fire Group bow drill Water Collecting water Birch tapping Bottle filter Camp craft Cordage Giant grass rope Knife safety Sharpening a knife Carving a butter knife Leather tinder pouch Wilderness survival Making stretchers Signal fire Plants for first aid Primitive skills Slate arrow Pine pitch glue Atl atl and spear Fat lamps Nut lamps Grass mat Natural clay Cave art and natural paints

The 'Big Book of 100 Outdoor Activities

Laura Minter

The Superhero Craft Book: 15 Things a Superhero Can't Do Without!

Laura Minter

Urban Forest School

N Walmsley