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A Tiger Named Lee

Sinead Murphy
Lee is a tiny tiger who lives with his Mum in the safety of his tree-top house. There he feels safe from the dangers of the dark jungle below.\r\n\r\nBut one wild stormy night, Lee and his Mum are thrown to the ground and Lee is forced to face his fears in order to help her.

Binx Lost in France

Michelle Hird
What should you do when you get lost? Binx Lost in France is the follow up to Binx the Jinx - fun stories for children with important messages to help them day to day.


D.M. Mullan
BLANKA VON FROCK\r\n\r\nWhen you want more but you have all you need, its Blanka von Frock, whose tale you should read. She bullies her sisters in their frozen windmill, and her greedy demands give the village a chill: I want what I want and I want it today, so listen up sisters and do as I say\r\n\r\nBook #2 in the D.M. Mullans Curious Tales series.

Catch that Cough

Bonnie Bridgman
Maisy has never learned to `catch her cough. Why should she when it gets in the way of all the fun shes having?\r\nBut Maisys cough escapes and starts wreaking havoc. Now Maisy must CATCH HER COUGH. No matter how difficult that may be...

Clara Claus Saves Christmas

Bonnie Bridgman

Clara Claus Saves Easter (Clara Claus Series): The perfect Easter adventure for readers 7+

Bonnie Bridgman

Curse of the Dearmad

Emma Mylrea
Curse of the Dearmad is a gripping middle-grade fantasy novel from debut author Emma Mylrea perfectly blends magic and realism in a tale of friendship, love, family, and betrayal.

Harry the Hedgehog

Kaley Owen
Harry the Hedgehog is scared of the dark. He wishes he could go with his friends to play in the park. He needed to learn that the dark wasnt scary, with no beasts out there all hideous and hairy. With all his friends outside, he had to go out. There was nothing in the dark to be scared about.