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Coding With Minecraft: Build Taller, Farm Faster, Mine Deeper, and Automate the Boring Stuff

Al Sweigart

Learn To Program With Small Basic

Majed Marji
Chapter 1: Introducing Small Basic Chapter 2: Getting Started Chapter 3: Drawing Basics Chapter 4: Using Variables Chapter 5: Drawing Shapes with Turtle Graphics Chapter 6: Getting User Input Chapter 7: Empowering Programs with Math Chapter 8: Making Decisions with If Statements Chapter 9: Using Decisions to Make Games Chapter 10: Solving Problems with Subroutines Chapter 11: Event-Driven Programming Chapter 12: Building Graphical User Interfaces Chapter 13: Repeating For Loops Chapter 14: Creating Conditional While Loops Chapter 15: Grouping Data in One-Dimensional Arrays Chapter 16: Storing Data with Associative Arrays Chapter 17: Expanding to Higher-Dimension Arrays Chapter 18: Advanced Text Magic Chapter 19: Receiving File Input and Output

Raspberry Pi Projects For Kids: Create an MP3 Player, Mod Minecraft, Hack Radio Waves, and More!

Dan Aldred
Introduction Chapter 1: Getting Started with the Raspberry Pi Chapter 2: Python Programming Chapter 3: Hot Glue Night-Light Chapter 4: The Pi Camera: Selfie Snapper Chapter 5: Pi Spy Part 1: Hacking Webcams for Secret Surveillance Chapter 6: Manipulating Minecraft Chapter 7: Radio Invasion Chapter 8: The Automatic Texting Machine Chapter 9: Pi Spy Part 2: Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Tracking Chapter 10: Magic Music Box Chapter 11: Nature Box: Motion-Sensing Camera Chapter 12: Smart Plugs for Smart Home Hacks Chapter 13: Mirror, Mirror: The Social Media Status Mirror Chapter 14: Computer Games with the Sense Hat

The Lego Animation Book

David Pagano
Introduction Chapter 1: The Basics Chapter 2: Animation the Minifigure Chapter 3: Animation Principles Chapter 4: Building for Brickfilms Chapter 5: Working in Different Scales Chapter 6: Tools of the Trade Chapter 7: The Creative Process Chapter 8: Cinematography and Production Chapter 9: Post-Production Conclusion

The Lego Architecture Ideas Book: 1001 Ideas for Brickwork, Siding, Windows, Columns, Roofing, and Much, Much More

Alice Finch
Introduction PART I: ARCHITECTURE Chapter 1: Foundations and Support Structures Chapter 2: Modularity Chapter 3: Color Schemes Chapter 4: Walls Chapter 5: Windows and Doors Chapter 6: Interior Details Chapter 7: Decoration Chapter 8: Curved Walls PART II: LANDSCAPING Chapter 9: Substructure Chapter 10: Terrain Chapter 11: Rocks Chapter 12: Water Chapter 13: Paths Chapter 14: Gardens Chapter 15: Trees Appendix: Parts Catalog