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Blender 3D By Example: A project-based guide to learning the latest Blender 3D, EEVEE rendering engine, and Grease Pencil, 2nd Edition

Oscar Baechler
Table of Contents Introduction to 3D and the Blender User Interface Editing a Viking Scene with a Basic 3D Workflow Modeling a Time Machine - Part 1 Modeling a Time Machine - Part 2 Modern Kitchen - Part 1: Kitbashing Modern Kitchen - Part 2: Materials and Textures Modern Kitchen - Part 3: Lighting and Rendering Illustrating an Alien Hero with Grease Pencil Animating an Exquisite Corpse in Grease Pencil Animating a Stylish Short with Grease Pencil Creating a Baby Dragon - Part 1: Sculpting Creating a Baby Dragon - Part 2: Retopology Creating a Baby Dragon - Part 3: UV Unwrapping Creating a Baby Dragon - Part 4: Baking and Painting Textures Creating a Baby Dragon - Part 5: Rigging and Animation The Wide World of Blender

Coding Roblox Games Made Easy -: The ultimate guide to creating games with Roblox Studio and Luau programming

Zander Brumbaugh
Table of Contents * Introducing Roblox Development * Knowing Your Work Environment * Introduction to Roblox Lua * Roblox Programming Scenarios * Creating an Obby * Creating a Battle Royale Game * The 3 Ms * 50 cool things to do in Roblox

Swift iOS Programming for Kids

Steffen D. Sommer