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Animal SOS Save The Cheetah

Louise Spilsbury
Cheetahs may be the fastest animals on land, but they are unable to outrun the dangers that have brought them to the brink of extinction. Readers will learn all about cheetahs and the hardships they face, various conservation groups, and ways to aid these face-paced wonders.

Animaths: Adding, Taking Away, and Multiples

Tracey Steffora
Using photographs of ants, tigers, and meerkats, this title shows the concepts of adding, taking away, and multiples.

Animaths: Comparing and Measuring

Tracey Steffora
Features cute and high-interest photographs of cats and monkeys to teach the key maths concepts of measuring and comparing. Illustrated with cut-out photos of the animals on colourful backgrounds, this book is suitable for reluctant mathematicians everywhere.

Build Buzz-Worthy Video Blogs

Thomas Kingsley Troupe
Have you ever wondered how people create such engaging video blogs? Learn how to plan, shoot, edit and post vlogs. Its time to put your video-blogging skills to the test. And action!

Create Crazy Stop-Motion Videos

Thomas Kingsley Troupe
Do you love stop-motion animation? Try shooting a stop-motion video yourself! Learn how to plan, cast, shoot and edit a stop-motion video. Its time to put your creativity to the test. And action!

Eggs and Legs: Counting in Twos

Michael Dahl
Introduces counting in twos by counting the number of legs coming out of eggs! Readers are invited to find hidden numbers on an illustrated activity page.


Melissa Higgins
What is energy? Learn all about the concept of energy and how it plays a part in your everyday life. Find out where it comes from and the forms it can take.

Extraordinary Scientists : Albert Einstein

Anita Croy
Albert Einsteins Theory of Relativity changed our understanding of space and launched the new science of cosmology, or the study of the universe and its birth and development. He is also famous for the equation E=mc2, which states that energy and mass are the same thing in different forms. This book looks at Einsteins life and work, and shows how his discoveries both changed society at the time and influenced people in the future. Part of the Extraordinary Scientists series.