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Ballad for Sophie

Filipe Melo

Better Place

Duane Murray

Camp Spirit

Axelle Lenoir

Doughnuts and Doom

Balazs Lorinczi
Being a teenage witch--or rock star--is tougher than it looks! But maybe enemies can become friends...or more? Flying brooms and electric guitars set hearts aflame in this fantastically fizzy graphic novel. When Margot meets Elena, emotions run high, magic is in the air, and doughnuts...float? One is a stressed-out witch trying to get her potions business off the ground, the other is a struggling rock musician whose band is going nowhere. Neither of them are having a good time! No wonder things quickly escalate from words to literal sparks flying when they first meet. Could this be the start of a delicious new relationship...or is a bad-luck curse leading them to certain doom?

Dragon Puncher Book 3: Dragon Puncher Punches Back

James Kochalka
The Eisner Award-winning graphic novel series that combines comics, cats, goofy photography, and nonstop silly action now makes a triumphant return! The world has been waiting a full decade for a new installment in this Eisner Award-winning series, and now it's finally here! Let the battle begin...again! The world's cutest book series about a cat who punches stuff just got even cuter, because this time the dragon is a big, cute, baby one! Dragon Puncher's human sidekick, Spoony, has got his fuzzy monster pajamas and a new-and-improved extra-long spoon, so he's ready for anything. But Dragon Puncher mistakes a big ball of yarn for an evil dragon, which attracts the attention of a real dragon. Still, it doesn't matter who started it. If you punch Dragon Puncher, then Dragon Puncher punches back!

Glork Patrol: Glork Patrol on the Bad Planet: Book One

James Kochalka

Johnny Boo and the Silly Blizzard: Johnny Boo Book 12

James Kochalka

Johnny Boo Finds a Clue: Johnny Boo Book 11

James Kochalka
Johnny Boo and Squiggle team up with old friends in a jaw-dropping new adventure--to solve a very silly mystery!\r\nThe Eisner-Award-winning Johnny Boo series just keeps getting wilder and funnier! This time, a secret thief has stolen Johnny Boos ice cream. Armed with his mighty magnifying glass, Johnny Boo will find all the clues and capture the vicious villain. The main suspect is a purple mountain whose peak looks suspiciously like it might be covered in vanilla ice cream. To battle this giant foe, Johnny Boo and his friends must team up and transform into their ultimate form: the MEGA JOHNNY ULTRA-BOO! ...But what if the mountain is innocent?