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Don Juan O'Brien: An Irish Adventurer in Nineteenth-Century South America

Fanning, Tim

How He Gets into Her Head: The Mind of the Male Intimate Abuser

Don Hennessy

Hunger and Hope: Irish Famine Migration from Strokestown in 1847

Christine Kinealy

Irish Blood, English Heart: Second Generation Irish Musicians in England

Sean Campbell

Irish Country Furniture and Furnishings 1700-2000

Claudia Kinmonth

Ivor Browne: Music and Madness

Ivor Browne
Foreward by Colm Toibin

Luke Kelly: A Memoir

Des Geraghty

Lyn: A Story of Prostitution

Lyn Madden

The Alliance of Pirates: Ireland and Atlantic Piracy in the Early Seventeenth Century

Kelleher, Connie

The Coastal Atlas of Ireland

Robert Devoy
Chapter 1: Ireland's Coasts: Setting the Scene (Darius Bartlett, Barry Brunt, Robert Devoy, Val Cummins and Sarah Kandrot) Chapter 2: The Coastal Environment: Physical System Processes and Patterns (Robert Devoy, Andrew J. Wheeler, Barry Brunt and Kieran Hickey) - Box: Cold-water corals, reefs and carbonate mounds (Andrew J. Wheeler and Aaron Lim) - Box: Coasts as systems (Darius Bartlett) - Vignette: Night of the Big Wind (1839) (Kieran Hickey) - Box: Tides (Eugene Farrell) - Box: Impacts and Implications of Tsunami on Ireland (Robert Devoy) - Box: From Source to Sink: Studying a Coastal Catchment (Eugene Farrell and Robert Devoy) Chapter 3: Marine Biology and Ecology (Mark Jessopp and Michelle Cronin) - Case Study: Waterbirds in Irish Coastal Areas (John Quinn, Brian Burke, Sean Kelly) - Vignette: Maude Delap (Damien Haberlin) - Box: Ellen Hutchins: Ireland's First Female Botanist (Madeline Hutchins) - Case Study: Jellyfish in Irish Coastal Waters (Tom Doyle) - Box: Lessons leaned from long-term phytoplankton monitoring at Sherkin Island, West Cork (Matt Murphy) Chapter 4: People, Agriculture and the Coast (Barry Brunt, Michael Keane and David Meredith) - Box: Windmills (Robert Devoy) - Case Study: Blanket bogs and the cutting of peat/turf (Barry Brunt) - Case Study: Deep Geography: Memory, Community and Continuity of Coastal Place Names (Patrick O' Flanagan) - Box: The Dun Chaochain Placename Collection Project (Treasa Ni Gearraigh agus Uinsionn Mac Graith) - Vignette: Daniel O' Connell and Derrynane: The Coastal Connection (Robert Devoy) - Case Study: Sea and Shore Foods (Regina Sexton) - Chapter 5: Geological Foundations (Patrick A. Meere) - Vignette: The coast through the eyes of a geologist (Robert Devoy) - Vignette: Tetrapod Trackway, Valencia Island, County Kerry (Kenneth T. Higgs) - Box: The collection of geological data from shelf and coastal waters (Aaron Lim) Chapter 6: Glaciation and Ireland's Arctic Inheritance (Paul Dunlop) - Vignette: Ailsa Craig (Darius Bartlett) - Box: Tidewater glacial sedimentation in Ireland: Identification and Significance (Stephen McCarron) Chapter 7: Ancient Shorelines and Sea-level changes (Robin Edwards and Robert Devoy) - Box: Sea levels and Ireland's ancient seabeds (Andrew J. Wheeler) Chapter 8: Visualising, Mapping and Monitoring Coasts (Darius Bartlett) - Case Study: Ptolemy's Inventory for Ireland - Geographical Features and Places (Mick Monk) - Box: Geographical Information Systems (Darius Bartlett) - Case Study: The impact of coastal web atlas development (Kathrin Kopke, Sophie Power, Adam Leadbetter and Eoin O' Grady) - Case Study: Deep Maps: West Cork Coastal Cultures (Claire Connolly, Rachel Murphy, Breda Moriarty, Orla-Peach Power, Michael Waldron, Rob McAllen) - Box: Digital mapping and charting (Darius Bartlett) - Box: Textual and photographic descriptions of the coast for navigational purposes (Norman Kean) - Box: Vessel monitoring, identification and tracking systems (Darius Bartlett) - Box: Satellite remote sensing of the coastal regions of Ireland (Fiona Cawkwell) - Box: Laser Technologies (Sarah Kandrot) - Box: Sensors and autonomous data collecting devices (Darius Bartlett) - Box: Elfordstown Earthstation: Ireland's Strategic Link (Linda Fitzpatrick) Chapter 9: Underwater Surveys: the INFOMAR Project (Eoin Mac Craith, Sean Cullen, Charise McKeon, Eimear O' Keeffe, David O' Sullivan, Ronan O'Toole, Gill Scott and Xavier Monteys) - Box: Sonar (Darius Bartlett) - Box: UAVs for Coastal Zone Mapping (Ronan O' Toole) - Box: Investigating the wreck of the Guinness ship, the SS W.M. Barkley (Charise McKeon) - Box: Mapping herring spawning beds with reported fisheries and backscatter data (David O' Sullivan) - Box: Mapping the seabed geology of Inishbofin, County Geology with Bathymetric Data (Eoin Mac Craith) - Box: Habitat mapping of Kenmare river using multibeam echosounder data (Eimear O' Keeffe) - Box: Tanker Rock: A 'rare event' justification for the inshore mapping programme (Sean Cullen) Chapter 10: Rocky Coasts (Maxim Kozachenko, Ruth M. O'Riordan, Rob McAllen and Robert Devoy) - Box: Shore Platforms (Niamh Cullen and Mary Bourke) - Box: Coastal Boulder deposits on the Aran Islands (Ronadh Cox) - Box: Lough Hyne: a marine reserve in crisis (Rob McAllen, Cynthia Trowbridge, James Bell, Julia Nunn and Colin Little) Chapter 11: Beaches and Barriers (Julian Orford) - Vignette: Machair (Derek Jackson) - Box: Maerl (Eugene Farrell) - Vignette: Why do beaches erode? (Andrew Cooper) - Vignette: Why are dunes at the coast? (Derek Jackson) - Box: Coastal dunes (Derek Jackson) - Case Study: Ecology of sand dune habitats in Ireland (Aoife Delaney) - Vignette: Is sediment size the only determinant of transport potential? (Julian Orford) - Vignette: How high can beaches reach? (Julian Orford) - Box: Beaches and the problem of coastal defences (Andrew Cooper) Chapter 12: Coastal Wetlands (Deborah Chapman) - Case Study: Saltmarshes (Grace Cott) - Box: Salt marshes and global climate change: Blue Carbon (Grace Cott) - Box: Spartina in Ireland (Grace Cott) Chapter 13: Estuaries and Lagoons (Sorcha Ni Longphuirt and Robert Devoy) - Box: Estuary Types (Sorcha Ni Longphuirt and Robert Devoy) - Case Study: The Ecology of Mudflats: Clonakilty Harbour (John Davenport, Lesley J. Lewis and Thomas C. Kelly) - Case Study: Coastal Lagoons: A Barrier to the terrestrial environment and a filter for the marine environment (Susan Lettice (posthumously), Greg Beechinor and Deborah Chapman) Chapter 14: Imagining Coasts (Ronan Foley and Anna Ryan) - Box: The Coast of Ireland on Screen (Darius Bartlett) - Box: Architecture of Coastal Essences: Vico, Dublin Bay (Anna Ryan) - Box: Where land meets sea: An Exploration of Coastal Landscapes (Anna Ryan) - Vignette: Seal Woman Story (Roksana Niewadzisz) - Case Study: Between the tides: The influence of the coast on the life and work of the painter (John Simpson) - Box: Sand Sculpting: Making Shapes out of Sand (Kyle Fawkes) Chapter 15: Coastal Heritage (Beatrice Kelly, Val Cummins and Gerlanda Maniglia) - Box: Lore of the Shore: Skills, Story and Song (Cliona O' Carroll) - Box: Friends of the Murrough (Gerlanda Maniglia) - Box: Meitheal Mara (Val Cummins) - Case Study: The heritage of the Irish revolution: Coastal Legacies (John Borgonovo) - Box: Roger Casement, 1916 and the use of coast in the struggle for independence (Fiona Devoy McAuliffe) - Box: The Spanish Armada in Ireland (Hiram Morgan) - Box: RMS Lusitania - History of a Lost Liner (Eunan O' Halpin) - Box: Heritage Collections: Sources of Lore for research and enjoyment (Cliona O'Caroll) Chapter 16: The Inhabitants of Ireland's Early Coastal Landscapes (Peter Woodman (posthumously) and Robert Devoy) - Box: The role of sand dunes in coastal archaeology (Robert Devoy and Peter Woodman (posthumously) - Box: Mesolithic People and Ferriters Cove (Peter Woodman (posthumously) - Box: Shell Middens on the South Coast: Past, Present and Future (Peter Woodman (posthumously) - Case Study: Irish Promontory Forts (Muireann Ni Cheallachain) Chapter 17: The Vikings and Normans: Coastal Invaders and Settlers (John Sheehan and Michael Potterton) - Case Study: The Brendan Voyage (Darius Bartlett) - Box: Coastal Tide Mills (Colin Rynne) - Box: Norse Place Names (John Sheehan) - Box: A Hiberno-Scandinavian Settlement on Beginish Island, County Kerry (John Sheehan) Chapter 18: Era of Settlement: Trade, Plantation and Piracy (James Lyttleton) - Case Study: Piracy, Smuggling and Coastal Access (Connie Kelleher) - Vignette: Grace O' Malley (Barry Brunt) - Box: The Sack of Baltimore (Bernie McCarthy) - Case Study: Plantations (Annaleigh Margey) - Box: Ireland and Slavery: Coastal Connections that became bittersweet (Nini Rodgers) Chapter 19: Changing Coastal Landscapes (Patrick O' Flanagan) - Box: The Port and the Harbours of Dublin Bay (Rob Goodbody) - Box: Belfast Port and Shipbuilding (Stephen A. Royle) - Box: The Port of Limerick (Des McCafferty) - Case Study: Coastal Railways (Ray O'Connor and Richard Scriven) - Case Study: Seaside Resorts (Patrick O' Flanagan) Chapter 20: The Great Famine (Marita Foster and Barry Brunt) - Case Study: Relief efforts in Ring, County Waterford (Marita Foster) - Vignette: Shell Middens (Robert Devoy) Chapter 21: Ireland's Islands (Stephen A. Royle) - Case Study: Skellig Michael (Sceilg Mhichil) (John Crowley) - Case Study: The Aran Islands (Piaras Mac Einri) - Box: Spike Island, County Cork (Barra O' Donnabhain) - Case Study: Rathlin Island (Stephen A. Royle) Chapter 22: Underwater Cultural Heritage (Karl Brady, Connie Kelleher and Fionnbarr Moore) - Box: The Sixteenth-Century Drogheda Boat Wreck (Holger Schweitzer) - Box: The Late Bronze Age Gormanston Logboat (Niall Brady) - Box: La Surveillante: 1797 wreck of a French Armada frigate (Colin Breen) - Case Study: Encounter with the Irish Coast - the 1588 wrecks of the Spanish Armada (Connie Kelleher, Fionnbarr Moore and Karl Brady) - Case Study: Ireland and the first battle of the Atlantic (Karl Brady) - Box: The protected wreck site of RMS Lusitania: Management, Protection and Preservation of our Underwater Cultural Heritage (Fionnbarr Moore) Chapter 23: Maritime and Nautical Traditions and Institutions (Daire Brunicardi) - Case Study: Traditional Wooden Boats of Ireland (Criostoir Mac Carthaigh) - Box: Blessing of the Boats (Elaine O'Driscoll-Adam) - Box: The Aran Jumper - A Maritime Tradition (Ken Cotter) - Box: The Sea and the Songs (Ken Cotter) - Box: The Tradition of Pilotage: The life of a Pilot (Michael Barry and Cormac Gebruers) - Box: The Coast Watching Service (Daire Brunicardi) - Vignette: The Daunt Rock Lightship Rescue (Ken Cotter) - Case Study: The Irish Naval Service (Daire Brunicardi) - Box: Ireland and the Migration and Human Trafficking Crisis in the Mediterranean (Brian Fitzgerald) - Case Study: Irish Shipping during the Second World War (Daire Brunicardi) - Case Study: Nautical Education in Ireland (Daire Brunicardi) - Box: The Irish Coast Guard (Daire Brunicardi) - Box: The Commissioners of Irish Lights (Daire Brunicardi) - Box: The Royal National Lifeboat Institution (Dick Robinson) Chapter 24: Ports and Shipping (Barry Brunt) - Box: Whiddy Island Oil Terminal: Bantry Bay (Barry Brunt) - Box: Whitegate Oil Refinery, Cork Harbour (Barry Brunt) - Case Study: Ireland's Passenger Ferry Ports (Barry Brunt) Chapter 25: Urbanisation of Ireland's Coast (Barry Brunt) - Box: Dublin (Rob Goodbody) - Box: Reimagining Cork as a Port City (William Brady) - Box: The Port of Limerick Today (Des McCafferty) - Box: Belfast (Stephen A. Royle) Chapter 26: Coastal Fisheries & Aquaculture (Mike Fitzpatrick, John Dennis, Donal Maguire, Emmet Jackson, Roy Griffin) - Box: Interactions between Discards and Gannets (Mark Jessopp) - Box: Interactions between Seals and Fisheries (Michelle Cronin) - Box: Celtic Sea Herring Fishery (Mike Fitzpatrick) - Case Study: Aquaculture in the Republic of Ireland (Herbie (John) Dennis, BIM) - Vignette: Research and Development in Aquaculture (Val Cummins) - Case Study: Jellyfish and aquaculture interactions in Irish Coastal Waters (Damien Haberlin) - Case Study: The Seaweed harvesting industry in Ireland (Niamh O'Donoghue and Sarah Kandrot) - Box: Unregulated Harvesting: The Edible Periwinkle (Val Cummins) Chapter 27: Tourism and Leisure (Cathal O' Mahony and Stephen Conlon) - Box: Blue Flag Beaches (Cathal O'Mahony, Kathrin Kopke and Val Cummins) - Box: Surfing in Ireland (Tristan MacCana) - Box: The Wild Atlantic Way (Failte Ireland) - Box: Marinas and Coastal Tourism: The Case of Cobh (Liam Coakley) - Vignette: Dingle Town and Waterfront, County Kerry (Robert Devoy and Barry Brunt) - Vignette: Kinsale Harbour and Town, County Cork (Robert Devoy) - Box: Coastal Trails and Ireland's Ancient East (Cathal O' Mahony) - Box: The Causeway and Mournes Coastal Routeways (Robert Devoy) - Vignette: Sea and Coastal Angling (Val Cummins) - Box: Sailing in Ireland (Val Cummins) - Case Study: Coastal Gardening (Verney Naylor) - Case Study: The Burren and Cliffs of Moher Coastal Geopark: A model for sustainable tourism (Maria McNamara and Eamon Doyle) - Vignette: Coastal Food (Regina Sexton) - Box: Golf Tourism and Coastal Golf Courses (Barry Brunt and Robert Devoy) Chapter 28: Renewable Energies: Wind, Wave and Tidal Power (Fiona Devoy McAuliffe - Box: Gannets and Offshore Windfarms (Mark Jessop) - Vignette: The role of Ulva Lactuca in Biogas Production (David Wall) Chapter 29: Coastal Mining, Quarrying and Hydrocarbon Exploration (David Naylor) - Box: Mountain Mine, Allihies, Beara Peninsula (David Naylor) - Case Study: East Antrim Salt Deposits (David Naylor) - Box: Coastal Quarrying (Matthew Parks and Alastair Lings) - Box: The Coastal Millstone Quarries of Waterford Harbour (Niall Colfer) - Box: Marine Aggregates (Gerry Sutton) - Box: Kinsale Head Gas Field (David Naylor) - Box: The Corrib Gas Field (Marcus Lange) - Case Study: Ireland and Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) (Barry Brunt) Chapter 30: Engineering for Vulnerable Coastlines (Jimmy Murphy) - Case Study: A recent history of coastal engineering in Waterville, County Kerry (Michael O'Shea) - Box: Rosslare Strang: Erosion and Protection (Jimmy Murphy) - Case Study: Maharees Conservation Association: A Case Study (Eugene Farrell) - Case Study: Buildings at the coast: An Architects Viewpoint (Anna Ryan) Chapter 31: Pollution (Evin McGovern and Shane O'Boyle) - Box: Sea Lettuce growth in response to high nutrient levels (Robert Wilkes) - Case Study: Plastics in the marine environment (Roisin Nash, Joao Frias, Alicia Mateos-Cardenas) - Vignette: The Betelgeuse Disaster (Darius Bartlett) - Box: The National Contingency Plan (David McMyler) - Box: Weighing the health benefits of seafood consumption against the risks: A case study on mercury in seafood (Evin McGovern and Christina Tlustos) - Box: Boats, Paint and Transgender Snails (Brendan McHugh and Michelle Giltrap) - Box: The impacts of anthropogenic noise on marine mammals (Michelle Cronin and Mark Jessop) Chapter 32: Coastal Management and Planning (Anne Marie O'Hagan and Val Cummins) - Box: Irish extended continental shelf claims under the law of the sea (David Naylor) - Case Study: Ireland's Baselines (Eoin V. Fannon) - Case Study: The Bantry Bay Charter (Val Cummins) - Box: Planning for Ireland's Islands: A Matter of Perspective (Karen Ray and Brendan O'Sullivan) - Case Study: Planning for Ireland's Islands (Karen Ray and Brendan O'Sullivan) Chapter 33: Climate Change and Coastal Futures (Val Cummins, Robert Devoy, Barry Brunt, Darius Bartlett and Sarah Kandrot) - Case Study: Ocean Acidification (Evin McGovern and Triona McGrath) - Box: 'Save Cork City': An Architectural Perspective (John Hegarty) - Case Study: Lessons from a Pristine Palau (Val Cummins)

The Irish Soccer Split

Cormac Moore

The Tilson Case: Church and State in 1950s' Ireland

David Jameson