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Bee Manual: The complete step-by-step guide to keeping bees

Claire Waring

Bike Book: Complete bicycle maintenance

James Witts
Choosing a bike: different types of bike, correct sizing and setting up. Routine maintenance and repair: lubrication, adjustment, cleaning, repairing punctures, tyre care, chains, cables and brake pads. Braking systems: rim and disc brakes. Drive train: chains, cables, derailleurs, sprockets and cassettes, chainsets, bottom brackets, hub gears, gear shifters. Contact points: saddles, seat posts, bars and stems, pedals, toe clips, straps and clipless pedals. Wheels: adjustable-cone hubs, sealed-bearing hubs, spoke replacement and truing. Frames, forks, steering and suspension: frame materials and design, suspension fork strip and set-up, headset strip, adjustment and replacement, full-suspension bearing replacement. Safety, security and accessories: mudguards, racks, panniers, computers, bells, seatpost bags. Appendix: gear ratios, torque settings, chain types, tyre and rim combinations, Shimano, Sram and Campagnolo compatability, fault-finding.

Deadly Creatures: Pocket Manual

Anita Ganeri
This book is filled with information, facts and figures on the most dangerous predators in the animal kingdom, from fearsome big cats and bears, to small but toxic scorpions and spiders. Illustrated with photographs of the animals in their natural habitats, this is the ideal manual for budding zoologists.

Dinosaurs: Pocket Manual

Tim Batty
This little book is full of the most enormous creatures who ever lived, and features 45 species of dinosaur, from favourites such as Stegasorus and Triceratops to the unusual Therizinosaurus, and of course the notorious Tyrannosaurus rex. Packed with fascinating facts, stunning illustrations, and all the vital statistics.

Extreme Cars: Pocket Manual

Steve Rendle
This book is packed with the worlds ultimate road cars, from the Ariel Atom 500 to the W Motors Fenyr. Fast and furious facts for each entry include highest speeds, engine capacity, power to weight ratios, dimensions and fuel consumption. Illustrated throughout with awe-inspiring photographs of these amazing, extreme autos.

Massey-Ferguson MDLS Te20 To20 & To30

Haynes Publishing

Predators: Facts and stats on the best animal hunters

Emily Baxter
This handy pocket-sized manual is packed full of 45 fearsome predators, from the American Alligator to the Venus Flytrap. Large or small, snarling or silent, and all illustrated with stunning photographs, this is a fascinating collection of the worlds most deadly and successful hunters.

Sharks: Pocket Manual

David Thompson
This A-Z directory of sharks features 46 astonishing marine creatures. Packed with information such as weight, size, reproduction, speed, number of teeth, and danger level to humans, the entries also include geographical distribution and amazing photographs, statistics and shark facts.

Space: Pocket Manual

Catherine Barr
This handy pocket-sized book manages to squeeze in a huge amount of intergalactic information, with details of rockets, planets, black holes, space stations, shooting stars and famous astronauts. With amazing photographs and lots of facts and figures, this is a perfect starter guide to the wonders of space.