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3D Printing and Maker Lab for Kids: Create Amazing Projects with CAD Design and STEAM Ideas: Volume 22

Eldrid Sequeira
Introduction: Welcome to CAD Design & 3D Printing! 3D Printing Basics MAKING 3D PROJECTS WITH TINKERCAD Getting Started with Tinkercad LAB 1 Basic Shapes with Straight Edges: Square Prisms LAB 2 Basic Shapes with Curved Edges: Cylinders LAB 3 Tangram Puzzle LAB 4 Designing Jewelry LAB 5 Coat Hook/Curtain Tieback LAB 6 Local Architecture: Making Local Landmarks LAB 7 Hair Comb LAB 8 Paperclip LAB 9 Pasta Spoon LAB 10 Crushing the Alphabet: Testing Structural Strength LAB 11 Artificial Coral Reef LAB 12 Whistle Design LAB 13 Basic Dovetail Joint LAB 14 Phone Holder LAB 15 Camera Holder with Ball-and-Socket Joint LAB 16 Lockable Ball-and-Socket Camera Holder LAB 17 3D Puzzles LAB 18 Body Part: Human Hand LAB 19 Body System: Human Arm LAB 20 Mini-Guitars with Multiple String Types LAB 21 Reverse Engineering LAB 22 Thingiverse: Downloadable 3D Models MAKING 3D PROJECTS WITH SKETCHUP Getting Started with SketchUp LAB 23 Basic 3D Shapes LAB 24 Removing Material from a 3D Object LAB 25 Removing Material and Combining Basic Shapes LAB 26 Rear Wing for a Sports Car Glossary Answers Acknowledgments About the Author

Art Lab for Little Kids: 52 Playful Projects for Preschoolers: Volume 2

Susan Schwake

Art Workshop for Children: How to Foster Original Thinking with more than 25 Process Art Experiences

Barbara Rucci
Preface Introduction: We Are All Artists Chapter 1: Setting the Stage Chapter 2: Workshops // Beginning Chapter 3: Workshops // More to Explore Chapter 4: Workshops // Art with a Purpose Chapter 5: Workshops // Collaboration Chapter 6: Making Art Visible

Build Your Own Chain Reaction Machines: How to Make Crazy Contraptions Using Everyday Stuff--Creative Kid-Powered Projects!

Mr. Paul Long

Build Your Own Chain Reaction Machines: How to Make Crazy Contraptions Using Everyday Stuff--Creative Kid-Powered Projects!

Mr. Paul Long

Collage Workshop for Kids: Rip, snip, cut, and create with inspiration from The Eric Carle Museum

Shannon Merenstein

Draw Like an Artist: 100 Realistic Animals: Step-by-Step Realistic Line Drawing **A Sourcebook for Aspiring Artists and Designers: Volume 3

Melissa Washburn
Introduction How to Use This Book Tips for Better Line Control SECTION 1: FAMILIAR HOUSEHOLD ANIMALS German Shepherd Greyhound Beagle Boston Terrier Corgi Puppy Tabby Cat Persian Cat Kitten Goldfish Guinea Pig Gecko Rabbit Mouse Rat Ferret Box Turtle Parakeet SECTION 2: OTHER DOMESTIC ANIMALS Horse Foal Goat Sheep Pig Cow Duck Chicken Chick Camel Llama Chinchilla SECTION 3: WILD ANIMALS Fox Wolf Tiger Lion Squirrel Chipmunk Bat Raccoon Opossum Porcupine Prairie Dog Grizzly Bear Polar Bear Panda Koala Lemur Gazelle Rhinoceros Hippopotamus Deer Elk Moose Kangaroo Beaver Giraffe Elephant Gorilla Sloth Zebra Bobcat Cheetah Chimpanzee Capuchin Monkey Otter Seal Walrus Manatee Whale Dolphin SECTION 4: BIRDS Owl Robin Flamingo Woodpecker Penguin Ostrich Heron Hummingbird Chickadee SECTION 5: REPTILES, AMPHIBIANS, CEPHALOPOD Chameleon Iguana Bullfrog Tortoise Alligator Python Octopus SECTION 6: DETAILS AND PARTS Canine Head and Features Canine Front vs. Side Pose Canine Feet Canines in Motion Feline Head and Features Feline Front vs. Side Pose Feline Feet Felines in Motion Horse Head and Features Horse Legs and Feet Horse in Motion Birds in Flight Bird Feet Drawing Fur Drawing Feathers About the Author Acknowledgments

Drawing Workshop for Kids: Process Art Experiences for Building Creativity and Confidence

Samara Caughey
Introduction Taking Ownership Recommended Materials Essential Terms 1 | WARM-UP DRAWINGS Drawing Eyes Focusing on detail Drawing Huge Gestural mark making Eraser Drawing Creating tones Drawing Rocks Using varied marks Shadow Drawings Filling the page Three Ways of Seeing Using perspective Eat and Draw Using other senses Blind Contour Drawing Using carbon paper 2 | DRAWING WORKSHOPS Tiny Drawings Close observation Half and Half Using magazine images Drawing Feathers Drawing textures Sfumato Creating depth of field Paper Bag Faces Making 3-D drawings Above and Below Exploring composition Butterfly in a Box Focusing on symmetry Resist Drawing Creating volume Flower Still Life Collaging pattern and texture Drawing by Touch Focusing on other senses 3-D birds Focusing on patterns Recipe Drawings Self-expression through design Drawing on Plaster Creating your own drawing surface Tiny Worlds Foreground and background Fruit Plate Exploring composition Feathers in a Box Observational drawing Treasure Maps A bird's-eye view Creating a Machine Using collage Bug Collections Using details and pattern Resources Acknowledgments About the Author Index

How to Draw Almost Everything for Kids

Naoko Sakamoto

Kids' Ultimate Craft Book: Bead, Crochet, Knot, Braid, Knit, Sew! - Playful Projects That Creative Kids Will Love to Make

Editors of Quarry Books
Introduction Chapter 1 Bead Crafts Materials and Tools Techniques Friendship Charm Pin Twirly Whirly Watch Bracelet Button Ring Crystal Night-Light Shade Chapter 2 Braiding and Knotting Materials and Tools Techniques Survival (Paracord) Bracelet Fancy Flip-Flops Dog Leash Chapter 3 Crochet Materials and Tools Techniques Braided Chains Friendship Bracelet Monster Madness! Great Grannies Scarf Chapter 4 Knitting Materials and Tools Techniques Favorite Washcloth Cowl Pencil Roll Chapter 5 Sewing Materials and Tools Techniques Scrappy Cards Keep It Close Bed Organizer Secret Pocket Pillow Templates About the Authors Index

Kitchen Science Lab for Kids: EDIBLE EDITION: 52 Mouth-Watering Recipes and the Everyday Science That Makes Them Taste Amazing

Liz Lee Heinecke
Acknowledgments - 3 Introduction - 7 Overview - 8 Rules of Kitchen and Food Safety- 10 Course 1 DAZZLING DRINKS - 12 Lab 1: Sweet Soda Syrups (supersaturated solutions) - 14 Lab 2: Razzle-Dazzle Root Beer (fermentation) - 16 Lab 3: Bodacious Bubble Tea (tapioca science) - 18 Lab 4: Sunset Lemonade (density gradient) - 20 Course 2 SCRUMPTIOUS SNACKS - 22 Lab 5: Paper-Bag Popcorn Explosion (vapor pressure) - 24 Lab 6: Pretzel Bread Sticks (Maillard reaction) - 26 Lab 7: Flavorful Fruit Leather (dehydration) - 30 Lab 8: Pucker-Up Pickles (acetic acid pickling) - 32 Lab 9: Juicy Fruit Spaghetti and Popping Boba (polymerization) - 34 Course 3 CREAMY CHEESE AND FAB FERMENTS - 36 Lab 10: Stretchy Mozzarella (rennet cheese science) - 38 Lab 11: Perfect Panir (acid cheese science) - 40 Lab 12: Cool Creme Fraiche (lactic acid) - 42 Lab 13: Yummiest Yogurt (thermophilic bacteria) - 44 Lab 14: Tangy Green Beans and Carrots (lactofermentation) - 46 Course 4 DIVINE DIPS, DRESSINGS, AND SAVORY SAUCES - 48 Lab 15: Dashing Vinaigrette (emulsions) - 50 Lab 16: Awesome Aioli (pasteurization) - 52 Lab 17: Heavenly Hummus (purees) - 54 Lab 18: Lip-Smacking Alfredo (viscosity) - 56 Lab 19: Tony Tomato Sauce (balance) - 58 Lab 20: Nut-Free Pesto (garlic) - 60 Lab 21: Best Beurre Blanc (emulsions) - 62 Course 5 MARVELOUS MAIN DISHES - 64 Lab 22: Homemade Pasta (gluten) - 66 Lab 23: Perfect Popovers (elasticity) - 68 Lab 24: Pizza Dough (gluten) - 70 Lab 25: Sky-High Souffle (roux) - 72 Lab 26: Super Spring Rolls (rice paper) - 74 Lab 27: Ooh La La Crepes (egg batter) - 76 Lab 28: Mouthwatering Meatballs (food safety) -78 Course 6 SASSY SIDES - 80 Lab 29: Fluffy Rice (rice starch) - 82 Lab 30: Vibrant Veggies (volatile acids) - 84 Lab 31: Posh Potatoes (water absorption) - 86 Lab 32: Super Salads (vegetable storage) - 88 Course 7 BOSSY CAKES, PERFECT PASTRIES, AND FABULOUS FROSTINGS AND FILLINGS - 90 Lab 33: Perfect Layer Cake (baking soda and acid) - 92 Lab 34: Wicked-Good Chocolate Cupcakes (flavor enhancers) - 94 Lab 35: Heavenly Angel Food Cake (air bubbles) - 96 Lab 36: Tie-Dye Roll Cake (sponge structure) - 100 Lab 37: Mom's Pie Crust (butterfat/shortening) - 104 Lab 38: Celestial Cream Puffs (dough expansion) - 108 Lab 39: Whipped Cream and Whipped Cream Frosting (bubbles) - 110 Lab 40: Jan's Buttercream Frosting (butterfat) - 112 Lab 41: Gorgeous Ganache (interfering agent) - 114 Lab 42: Magical Mirror Glaze (gelatin) - 116 Lab 43: Old-Fashioned Pudding (cornstarch) - 118 Lab 44: Luscious Lemon Curd (denaturation) - 120 Lab 45: Meltingly Marvelous Mousse (comminution) - 122 Course 8 DARING DECORATIONS AND DELECTABLE DESSERTS - 126 Lab 46: Fabulous Fondant (sugar) - 128 Lab 47: Chocolate Domes and Bowls (tempering) - 130 Lab 48: Meringue Mushrooms (glassy state) - 132 Lab 49: Marvelous Marshmallows (amorphous candies) - 134 Lab 50: Easy Ice Cream (crystal formation) - 136 Lab 51: Breathtaking Baked Alaska (insulation) - 138 Lab 52: Scrumptious Sorbet (air incorporation) - 140 About the Author/Photographer - 142 Index - 144