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100 Greatest Video Game Characters

Jaime Banks

101 Outdoor Adventures to Have Before You Grow Up

Stacy Tornio

ADHD Medication: Does It Work and Is It Safe?

Walt Karniski, MD

Being Sherlock: A Sherlockian's Stroll Through the Best Sherlock Holmes Stories

Ashley D. Polasek

Box!: Castles, Kitchens, And Other Cardboard Creations For Kids

Noel Macneal

Detecting Deception: Tools to Fight Fake News

Amanda Sturgill, author
Introduction - An introduction the problem of people trying to mislead the public, followed by a description of techniques for general critical thinking including breaking statements into premises and conclusions. Things to look for - This will be the majority of the book, consisting of multiple short chapters. Each chapter will describe the issue, explain why it is an issue, offer an example with analysis drawn from existing news stories from a variety of topics and times and then offer an example without analysis for consideration or for instructors to use as an assignment. Problems with how people think Arguing about the person instead of the idea (The Ad Hominem) Arguing against something no one actually said (The Straw Man) Don't be a hypocrite! (Tu Quoque) Look! Squirrel! - Arguing by distraction (The Red Herring) There are only two things that could happen (The Black and White) And you'll end up living in a van down by the river... (The Slippery Slope) One rotten apple spoils the barrel (The Fallacy of Fallacies) Apples to oranges (Faulty Analogies) Cool. Don't care. (Irrelevant Conclusions) I saw a thing once. (Hasty Generalization) All the children are above average. (The Division Fallacy) Great players must make a great band. (The Composition Fallacy) (Begging The Question) (No true Scotsman) Problems with what people say If you loved me... (The Appeal To Pity) Agree or else (The Appeal to Force) No one has proved you can't, so... (The Appeal To Ignorance) I'm not a doctor, but... (The Appeal To Authority) We've always done it this way. (Appeal To Tradition) A lot of people agree. (The Appeal To Popularity) The sky is green. (The Big Lie) Problems with numbers It's a percent of what? (Ignoring The Base Rate) Spider bites and spelling bees (Correlation Is Not Causation) Rabbit feet and lucky rocks (Lurking Variables) The difference that doesn't matter (Unnecessary Precision) It's not actually that likely (Naive Probability) Bigger isn't necessarily better (Lying With Charts) When a difference isn't really a difference (Misinterpreting Polls)

Gangsters and Goodfellas: The Mob, Witness Protection, and Life on the Run

Henry Hill

Ghost Hunter's Handbook: Supernatural Explorations for Kids

Liza Gardner Walsh

Ghost Hunter's Handbook: Supernatural Explorations for Kids

Liza Gardner Walsh

Horses of Long Ago

Dahlov Ipcar

Kennedy Wives: Triumph and Tragedy in America's Most Public Family

Amber Hunt

Revolutionary Medicine

C. Keith Wilbur