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Ableism at Work: Disablement and Hierarchies of Impairment

Paul David Harpur (University of Queensland)
1. Introduction to monograph; 2. International disability norms at work: international law on ableism at work and the hierarchy of impairments; 3. The CRPD Committee, ableism and hierarchies of impairment at work; 4. Hierarchies of impairment at work in the regulation and response to sheltered work; 5. The arbitrary exclusion of episodic and psychosocial disabilities from legal protection: the duration test promoting ableism at work; 6. Ability apartheid at work: the policy of stigmatizing and excluding 'unacceptable' psychosocial disabilities from anti-discrimination laws; 7. Reasonable accommodations in a psychosocial diverse workplace: hierarchies of impairment at work; 8. Using occupational safety and health laws to promote psychological health at work; 9. Sanism and ableism in the law's response to injured workers; 10. Advancing psychosocial diversity using contract and unfair dismissal laws; Index.

Adventures in English Syntax

Robert Freidin (Princeton University, New Jersey)
1. One fish two fish: an adventure in ambiguity; 2. Exceptional students and teachers; 3. Introduction to language and linguistics; 4. A review of a book by two philosophers; 5. Bob is certain to succeed; 6. It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of good fortune must be in want of a wife; 7. Does every politician who cheats instinctively lie?; 8. Inferior defenses could then, as now, be tackled, as Vernon did at Porto Bello, Exmouth at Algiers, and Seymour at Alexandria; Concluding comment.

Being You: The Body Image Book for Boys

Charlotte Markey
1. What is body image?; 2. Become body confident; 3. What the heck is going on?; 4. Your image; 5. Make your body work for you; 6. Fuel your body; 7. Forget food fads; 8. Love to eat; 9. Building the best you; 10. Make a difference.

Cambridge Reading Adventures The Big Pancake Blue Band

Susan Gates

Camus: The Stranger

Patrick McCarthy (The Johns Hopkins University)
Preface; Chronology; 1. Contexts; 2. The Stranger; 3. Early Camus and Sartre; 4. Camus and the Algerian War; 5. Why and how we read The Stranger: a guide to further reading.

Coral Island Australian edition

Kathie Atkinson

Disability and the Good Human Life

Jerome E. Bickenbach (Queen's University, Ontario)
1. Moral worth and severe intellectual disability - a hybrid view Simo Vehmas and Ben Curtis; 2. 'Something else?' - cognitive disability and the human form of life Barbara Schmitz; 3. Disability (not) as a harmful condition: the received view challenged Thomas Schramme; 4. Nasty, brutish and short? On the predicament of disability and embodiment Tom Shakespeare; 5. Recognizing disability Halvor Hanish; 6. Understanding the relationship between disability and well-being David Wasserman and Adrienne Asch; 7. Disability and the wellbeing agenda Jerome Bickenbach; 8. Disability and quality of life: an Aristotelian discussion Hans S. Reinders; 9. Living a good adult-size diapers Anna Stubblefield; 10. Ill, but well: a phenomenology of wellbeing in chronic illness Havi Carel; 11. Natural diversity and justice for people with disabilities Christopher A. Riddle; 12. Inclusion and the good human life Franziska Felder.

Early Modern Europe, 1450-1789

Merry E. Wiesner-Hanks (University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee)
Introduction; 1. Europe in the world of 1450; 2. Individuals in society, 1450-1600; 3. Politics and power, 1450-1600; 4. Cultural and intellectual life, 1450-1600; 5. Religious reform and consolidation, 1450-1600; 6. Economics and technology, 1450-1600; 7. Europe in the world, 1450-1600; 8. Individuals in society, 1600-1789; 9. Politics and power, 1600-1789; 10. Cultural and intellectual life, 1600-1789; 11. Religious consolidation and renewal, 1600-1789; 12. Economics and technology, 1600-1789; 13. Europe in the world, 1600-1789.

face2face for Spanish Speakers Advanced Student's Book Pack (Student's Book with DVD-ROM and Handbook with Audio CD)

Chris Redston

Forest Floor Australian edition

Kathie Atkinson

Genetics, Disability and the Law: Towards an EU Legal Framework

Aisling de Paor (Dublin City University)
1. Introduction; Part I. New Science and Technology and the Ethical and Legal Issues Arising: 2. Background: advancing genetic science; 3. Ethical implications, legal issues and public policy concerns of advancing genetic technology; 4. A disability framework - the interface of the social model of disability with the evolution of genetic science; Part II. The Imperative for Regulation and the Choice of Regulator Theory and Frameworks: 5. Mode of regulation and choice of regulatory frameworks in legal theory; 6. Framings from international human rights law; 7. Evolving comparative law benchmarks; Part III. The European Perspective: 8. Human rights norms in the Council of Europe and the regulation of genetic information; 9. The European Union and protection of genetic information; Part IV. Building the Case for a European Union Regulatory Framework: 10. National level approaches - a patchwork of protections; 11. A case for European Union level action; 12. Conclusion - where next for the EU?